Welcome to the Colorado Information Analysis Center

The Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) was designated as the State’s fusion center to create cross-jurisdictional partnerships between local, state, tribal, federal, and private sector entities. It provides a central point in Colorado for the collection, analysis, and timely dissemination of all-hazards information as well as the sharing of best practices.

The CIAC produces intelligence reports for both law enforcement and non-law enforcement personnel and is capable of providing real-time information for thousands of key recipients throughout the United States. The CIAC acts as an early warning system for actual or suspected terrorist acts, natural disasters, and criminal activities - it helps to prevent and mitigate further threats.

Prevention is everyone's responsibility. We are one neighborhood, one state, one nation; it is our responsibility to remain vigilant and report suspicious behavior.

To report suspicious activity to the CIAC, please call 1-877-509-2422 or click on the “Report Suspicious Activity” button in the upper right portion of this page.

Call 911 to report incidents or activity that may require an immediate police response.

It only takes ONE CALL.